CA Will Be Saved evangelism event at the beach in SC

Our friends, Dustin and Nina Nelson, launched a beach church in Oceanside in April

New website for NewSong


Kingdom-minded pastors in Guatemala

Our first Guatemalan pastoral conference is scheduled for November

Pastor Eric explores ministry opportunities in Guatemala

Alyssa and Andrés are married!

(Above: California Will Be Saved: worship and evangelism at the San Clemente pier, April 16, 2022)

As we roll into spring, we are praising Jesus for His faithful leading in every area of our lives. In spite of the ever-changing landscape of our circumstances, our eyes are fixed firmly on the Father, and He is moving us forward one step of faith at a time. We have a deep thankfulness for the Kingdom work in which He has allowed us to partner. Although we are busier than ever, we are also full of great JOY!

NewSong News

One of our sources of continual joy is the stalwart band of NewSong house churches. We are amazed at what the Lord is doing in and through each one, most especially through the lives of our courageous, world-changing leaders. Although small, we are a company of burning hearts for Jesus, and we feel beyond honored to be running with this group of warriors.

NewSong was privileged to partner with a ministry called California Will Be Saved for an evangelistic event at the beach in San Clemente on April 16. As the gospel went out, we saw about twenty souls come to faith in Jesus! We look forward to again working alongside these courageous young people as they continue making their way up the coast to host similar events.

If you’re curious about NewSong’s distinctives, want to listen to a podcast or would like to get connected with a house church location, visit our new website at


First, we are excited to announce a name change! In order to better reflect our mission, vision and expansion, CRSSM (Costa Rica School of Supernatural Ministry) is now CANOPI, which stands for Christian Alliance Network for Outreach and Pastoral Impact. While we continue to emphasize outreach, unity and pastoral equipping, the Lord is now enlarging our territory beyond the borders of Costa Rica. Conveying the idea of covering and unity, the word canopy is familiar in numerous languages, not to mention the happy fact that it’s easier to say than CRSSM ;). Our new key verse is Isaiah 4:5b-6, “For over all the glory there will be a canopy, a shelter to give shade from the heat by day, and a refuge and hiding place from the storm and the rain.”

We’re so grateful for each of you who have been part of our Kingdom-building mission in Costa Rica since its launch in 2015. Many of you have sowed into that nation through your prayers, your finances or your time, and we want to acknowledge your powerful investment – thank you! Thank you also for trusting our stewardship of this call. In addition, this ministry is indebted to the founders of CRSSM, Steve and Judi Hertzog, who inspired the creation of this organization, mobilizing countless individuals to pour out the love of Jesus on the nation of Costa Rica. Their pioneering faith and passion for expanding His Kingdom has irrevocably marked us. As they throttle back on their ministry involvement in a new season, we remain grateful to them for their vision, influence and eternal investment.

With regard to expansion, CANOPI has just completed a reconnaissance mission to Guatemala, in pursuit of the Lord’s leading to minister to pastors and churches in that nation. While there, our director of ministries, Eric Lopez, encountered an incredible move of the Holy Spirit. He returned with mighty testimonies of supernatural healings, deliverances and the power of God at work in numerous lives. As a result, we are incredibly excited to launch a pastors’ conference in Guatemala City in early November of this year. Would you be willing to pray about helping to fund this event as the Lord directs you? Hundreds of Guatemalan pastors will be impacted by your investment in the Kingdom!

Speaking of Pastor Eric… those of you who have spent time with him know what a blessing he is to the Kingdom as a prayer warrior, preacher and unifier, as well as one who walks in signs and wonders. If he has touched your life, please consider helping to support him financially. Thank you!

We are now just six weeks away from our next conference in Costa Rica, a marriage conference for pastors. The Lord has clearly highlighted the need for this event and underscored its significance from a Kingdom perspective. As with our other conferences, we will be providing accommodations, meals and resources for these pastoral couples, and we need your help! Please consider donating to finance this ministry to Costa Rican leaders.

There is much more happening with CANOPI than we can convey in a single newsletter, including expansion to other nations, developing ministry schools, the need for a new campus, and a written prospectus detailing it all. If you’re interested in getting more information, please contact Chris directly.

Family News

On the homefront, Alyssa and Andrés are now married! The happy event took place in March in Costa Rica, the nation from which Andrés hails. Both families were able to come together for a beautiful and intimate celebration in Tamarindo. While the newlyweds have returned to Santa Barbara to launch their married life, their future may include a rapid transition to Costa Rica. And on the subject of family expansion, two new grandbabies will soon be joining the family! Kylie and Eric are due with their second baby in June, and Jarren and Kate will be greeting their new little one in September. Holding down a stake on the east coast, Landon continues in school at Liberty University in Virginia and will spend his summer living and working there.

Thank you for loving us well! We are daily thankful for each of you and the role you play in our lives. We pray that the Father overwhelms you with His love and encounters you with His Spirit in unprecedented ways in this historic season!


Prayer requests:

  • Pray for wisdom as we navigate NewSong expansion and strategic partnerships.
  • Pray for more harvest workers and for an outpouring of His Spirit in California!
  • Pray for a new home for our Santa Barbara house church location.
  • Pray for the pastors attending our marriage retreat in June.
  • Pray for our expansion into Guatemala and for unity among the pastors there.
  • Pray for provision!… (pastoral conferences in June & November and for pastor Eric).
  • Pray for open doors for a new base of operations in Costa Rica.

With Jeremiah (CA Will be Saved) and Luke

Worshiping with Ross and Joel (CA Will be Saved)

NewSong leaders’ retreat in January

Costa Rican marriage conference for pastors is set for June

Pastor Eric saw numerous miracles while traveling through Guatemala

Two amazing leaders and precious daughters: Amy and Kelsey

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